Little People Playtime Preschool is a nine month (September through May) developmental program for
children ages two years to the those who have not yet attended Kindergarten. Each classroom creates an
environment for social interaction between peers and Staff, activity centers for exploration, a daily schedule,
and age-appropriate academics. The Preschool Staff is DCFS approved, qualified, and experienced. Each
classroom has a maximum based on the ages of the participants. An annual general registration is held in the
spring, but registration is continuous throughout the year based on availability.

Little People Playtime uses the BRIGHTWHEEL platform. It is a touchless check-in; student health screening;
parent messaging system accessed by an app on phones. A BRIGHTWHEEL invitation is sent to all registered
participants in early August. Parents are asked to download the free app on a phone from Apple App Store or
Google Play and follow the simple directions.

Little Learner Overview
Purple Class (ages two on or before September 1 of current year and early three years) Children should be
interested in potty training and able to transition comfortably from parents to classroom. Class is two hours
twice a week during which time they socialize; sing and listen during circle time; enjoy themed crafts, stories,
and have a very small snack.

Rose, Pink, Coral Classes (ages three on or before September 1 of current year and early four years) and
completely potty trained by October of the current year. Classes are 2 1⁄2 hours each session of three days or two days a week.
The introduction of the alphabet, numbers, and colors launches into many creative hands-on and sometimes messy activities.

Pre-Kindergarten Class is a preparation for entrance to Kindergarten. These 4-year-old children (four
years on or before September 1 of the current year) are guided into making good independent decisions while
socializing and participating in hands-on activities. Each letter of the alphabet is explored for a week—printing
the letter upper and lower case; show and tell that begins with the letter sound; simple homework page of the
letter, and a variety of ways to sing, listen, and read about the letter of the week. Classes meet four days a
week for 2 1⁄2 hours each meeting. Children are expected to take care of themselves while in the bathroom.

What do I Need to Register for Preschool?
Non-refundable registration fee
Birth certificate
Current physical on approved DCFS form
Completed registration form with signed waiver
Emergency contact form completed
Documented food allergy information if applicable
Documents found on the Park website or picked up at the 441 E Jefferson location

For more information or availability email: OR phone 847 683 0896